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Air Freshener box up to 6 Aromas

Lemon, Roses, Coco Mango, Sex on the Beach, Baby Powder, New Car


Our new Product: Air Fresheners **Sending to any zip code within the continental territory**

*Sex on the Beach
*Coco Mango (Coconut Mango)
*Baby Powder
*New Car

We have created some exquisite fragrances that will transport you mentally to fantastic places providing happiness, peace and joy to your life.

Our products are ready to use. All you have to do is open it, and you can put it under the seat of your car, your bathroom, your drawer or the wardrobe of shoes, and begin to enjoy the delicious fragrance of the air fresheners of Tropical Roses

Our air fresheners are made with biodegradable material. Petals and stems of Roses of excellent quality. The presentation is a luxurious color bag, allowing you to place it anywhere to fill the atmosphere of that delicious aroma.